Ant Force

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This was a very special groom’s cake, served at Eseeola Lodge in Linville, NC. As a child, the groom illustrated his own comic strip of majestic ant superheroes who lived in a land of kings, and castles, and villains. In his stories, the brave ants fought off the bad guys and protected the king. The groom’s mother had saved all of his drawings, and asked for a cake inspired by her son’s childhood creation. This castle cake was the result. The castle is a replica of the castle in the comic strip drawings: from the brick, to the flags, to the details of the roof lines. A battle is taking place at the base of the castle, and on the roof of the castle the ants are celebrating their victory, and have rescued the king’s treasure chest. On top of the treasure chest are two wedding rings. In keeping with the look of the original comic strips, which were all done in pencil, the sugar ants and fight clouds were made to look like pencil sketches. Scattered around the cake table are the groom’s old drawings, as well as a few pencils and erasers, a pencil sharpener and pencil shavings.